Anatomy of a MorningMail

MorningMail aggregates news and events from the Rensselaer community for repurposing on the web, in data feeds, on mobile devices, on television and digital signage, and in email. The daily MorningMail message, like the one shown here, is just one way to consume MorningMail. A MorningMail email is made up of the following parts:

Anatomy of a MorningMail
  1. Each item that has been selected for inclusion in MorningMail is listed with a title and summary. Every title links back to the item's original source, such as a website.
  2. The summary for an item is drawn from the source itself as originally posted.
  3. Users can find more items in MorningMail's web edition each day. The web edition extends the listing. Like the email, web edition items link back to their original sources.
  4. If you have news and informational items on your website you'd like included in MorningMail, please tell us using the form on the MorningMail website. If you have events you'd like included in MorningMail, enter them in Rensselaer's Events Calendar. You can find a link to our contact form at the bottom of every email edition as well as on the web.
  5. The MorningMail web site contains the current day's listing, an archive of past editions, a list of the sources from which the service draws its content, and information about subscribing to the service.
  6. For a listing of all current events, visit the Rensselaer Events Calendar. The calendar is the source of record for Rensselaer events and is the source from which MorningMail gathers event information. If your event is not in the calendar, it will not be included in MorningMail. A widely distributed network of administrative groups, including every school, department, and Union club, can enter events into the campus calendar. If you are uncertain how to enter events, please contact us.
  7. A link to MorningMail's RSS feed is provided for those who prefer an RSS subscription or to receive each MorningMail item individually.
  8. MorningMail is available on web-capable mobile devices at